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Solar Hot Water

Hot Water and Power. 315 litre Hot Water Tank

Heating water with fossil fuel represents the biggest single source of greenhouse gas emissions in an average Australian household (if you don't count the car).

30% of the total greenhouse gases households produce is due to water heating. Solar water heaters can dramatically reduce energy bills without any environmental impacts. Installing solar hot water also reduces our dependency on fossil fuels. The technology for solar water heaters is entirely different to a photovoltaic grid connect system. For example, solar heaters use a flat plate with collector panels or evacuated tubes to absorb the heat from sunlight and then raise the temperature of the water.

Wauchope Solar has installed and maintained evacuated tube hot water systems since they were first available in Australia. We service the products we sell and use only local trade people, trained in the technology. Rural, Commercial or Domestic systems... call us for a quote. (65-875254)

For more detailed information, visit the Endless Solar Website.

Heat collector tubes

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