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Solar Powered Water Pumps

Solar Pump
Solar Pump System
Total Dynamic Head (TDH):
Flow Rate:
Stock Watering
Solar Generator:
8.0 m
22 m3/day
180 Wp
September 2010 Justin Stoddart.

Solar Pump Quotes

To provide you with an accurate price quotation, we need to have the following information....

  • Preferred Pump Type (Solar/Electric/Other):
  • Water source (bore, dam, creek, etc):
  • Distance to Power (If applicable):
  • Daily water required: ltr/gal
  • Horizontal distance from pump to tank: mtr/ft
  • Delivery pipe type & diameter: mm/in
  • Vertical rise from water to surface: mtr/ft
  • Vertical rise from surface to top of tank: mtr/ft
  • If bore or well, what is total depth: mtr/ft
  • Diameter of bore casing: mm/in
  • Do you want auto cut off switches? Yes No

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