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Public Portal - Internet Connected Grid Systems

These installations are configured to feed power yield information to the internet.

Useful Links

SunEdison Australia Pty Ltd SunEdison has solar installations, manufacturing facilities and 39 offices located throughout North America, Europe and Asia, and were the first solar company to bring Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to market that eliminated the need for initial capital.
Solar Citizens Solar Citizens is a new community project bringing together existing and future solar owners to build a strong community voice for solar. It will ensure the rights of solar owners are protected and help see Australia put a panel on every rooftop. Join Solar Citizens today:
REC REC: Supplier of Award winning solar panels.
ATA Alternative Energy Association.
EndlessSolar Solar Hot Water systems.
EcoInnovation EcoInnovation.
Sunlock Sunlock Solar Panel Mounting Systems.
Powerspout Powerspout Micro-Hydro Systems.