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Stuart Watson & Associates Pty. Ltd. Trading as Wauchope Solar.
Electrical Contractors License: 241001c
CEC Accreditation: A4756106

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Renewable energy and alternate energy for 30 years

Founder Stuart Watson of Wauchope Solar, has 30 years of local work experience in the renewable energy industry. The majority of this work has been undertaken on the Mid North Coast. Stuart Watson designed and installed solar equipment for Australia's first solar powered community radio station, 2WAY FM, on Mt. Cairncross in 1985.

Enhancing a long standing relationship with Energy Matters , Wauchope Solar will now act as the local agent for all Energy Matters enquiries in the New South Wales Mid North Coast region. This exciting new arrangement follows the recent completion of our showcase installation of a premium 100 kilowatt REC Photo Voltaic power system at the Port Macquarie Library for Port Macquarie-Hastings Council. This partnership combines the support and buying power of Energy Matters, one of Australia's leading renewable energy providers, with the dedicated expert solar design and installation services of Wauchope Solar.

Over the last six years Wauchope Solar has installed and serviced over 800kw of small and medium scale Photo Voltaic power systems on the Mid North Coast and has installed and supported hundreds of evacuated tube solar hot water systems since 1983.

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Using local tradespersons and top quality components, we can provide renewable energy systems to our community.

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We will be part of a low carbon future....

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