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Installation at Wauchope Co-op IGA.

The installation at the Wauchope Co-op IGA Supermarket is completed and generating power. It was commissioned on 15th March 2015.

Using 384 Tier One REC 260 watt panels and 10 degree Australian designed and manufactured commercial mounting system. Five Fronius 20 KW inverters are connected to the IGA wifi network for monitoring.

This system will offset daily power consumption by an average of approx 500 KW Hours per day.

Wauchope Solar will monitor this system to ensue the yield predictions for the first 2 years of operation are met.

Statistics are made publicly available using a web browser. Click on the image below, to view the collected data for today.

Wauchope IGA graph.

Solar Citizens.

Solar Citizens is a new community project bringing together existing and future solar owners to build a strong community voice for solar. It will ensure the rights of solar owners are protected and help see Australia put a panel on every rooftop.

Solar Citizens will work to ensure:

  • Every Australian is able to take up the benefits of solar in their home or in their community.
  • Solar owners are paid a fair price for the power they contribute to the grid.
  • Solar owners are able to connect to the grid.
  • Solar owners are not subject to unreasonable charges or tariffs.

If you want to ensure your rights as a solar owner are protected or if you believe in a solar future for all Australians, join Solar Citizens today:

Solar Citizens is an initiative of 100% Renewable - a community organisation to help Australia move towards a renewable energy future. The project is non-partisan and independent of any political organisation or party.

Installation at The Observatory.

The installation at the Observatory Resort is completed and generating power. The picture (above) shows the solar panels being lifted onto the roof. Below is a graph from the Sunny Portal. The data from the inverter, is sent via the internet, to the Sunny Portal. The information can then be displayed on a web browser.

Click on the graph to go to the Sunny Portal.

The Observatory yield graph.

We now have several large installations connected to the Sunny Portal. They provide 'Real Time' data which is publicly available on the internet.

  • Port Macquarie Library.
  • Eye Hospital.
  • The Observatory.
  • Port Macquarie Golf Club.

To browse the Sunny Portal public data, click here and have a look around. To see our installations, Select 'Australia' and 'Zip Code' 2444.

The Port Macquarie Library has been up and running for more than a year now and the results are quite impressive....

Click on the graph to go to the Sunny Portal.

Port Macquarie Library.

The Energy Matters website has an article about the 'Official Launch' of the library installation here...

The Hon. Rob Oakeshott celebrates with the Port Macquarie Community

May 31, 2013 Photograph by Gabby McDonald
Port Macquarie Library group picture.
A rooftop revolution: MP Robert Oakeshott, Stuart Watson from Wauchope Solar, head of Energy Matters James Walker and Councillor Justin Levido in front at the launch of Port Macquarie Libary's large-scale solar power system.

Port - Macquarie Hastings Council - Energy Matters- Wauchope Solar collaborative efforts are now saving the community $33 000 to $35 000 on the electricity supply to the Port Macquarie Library.

Simply good economics

The Hon. Rob Oakeshott Federal Member for Lyne along with Port - Macquarie Hastings Councillor Justin Levido and special guests attended an open day on the 31st May 2013 celebrating the success of the Port - Macquarie Hastings Council decision to go solar.

The electricity cost savings for the Port Macquarie Library were projected to be in the vicinity of $33 000 to $35 000 pre installation. According to Mr Sharp, Director of Infrastructure and Asset Management "In the first seven months following the installation $32 000 has already been saved, far exceeding initial expectations, and over 179 tonnes of carbon are expected to be saved annually".

With funding received through the NSW Government's Waste and Sustainability Improvement Program, Council moved to invest in solar powered energy with an initial target to reduce operational costs and reliance on fossil fuels for the library.

Independent MP Rob Oakeshott agreed with Mr Levido's analogy, adding that solar power "made sense" for the private and public community.

Following councils own feasibility study to determine the required size and optimal location where solar panels should be installed, Energy Matters were selected to provide the solar panel system. "We chose Energy Matters because they provided quality product at the most competitive price", said Councillor, Mr Jeffery Sharp.

Installation of the 99kw system across the roof of the library was completed by Wauchope Solar. The satisfaction of Stuart Watson, Director of Wauchope Solar and James Walker, General Manager of Energy Matters, was evident in their respective speeches. Mr Walker also highlighted the added benefits of solar to the community through local jobs when compared with foreign owned fossil fuel companies.

Data on the real-time production of power from the Library roof top can be viewed on the screen to the right of the foyer in the library.


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